Top 10 Ways To Add Architectural Details To Your Home


Boost your home's style and value with these easy updates and add architectural details to your home. 

  1.  Baseboards: Replace or enhance baseboards throughout your home. They are a visual link that travels into every room in the house.
  2.  Crown Molding: By adding this architectural detail you make a room rich and brimming with character and a great way to lift a room.
  3.  Chair Rail Chair rail is a detail that has form and function. Not only does it save your walls from damage, it can be applied in many forms -- from a modern shape to a traditional style.
  4.  Columns and Pilasters: Columns and pilasters are a great way to separate a room without using walls. These can be used as load-bearing elements or just visual additions. Columns are either round or square and stand on their own, while pilasters are attached to a wall or part of the dwelling. Both details give your home a feeling of wealth.
  5.  Moldings: Moldings can be placed just about anywhere and give a room a sense of depth. They can be used on ceilings to mimic architectural details in a room, run along hallways or stacked in layers to create the illusion of length and height.
  6.  Hardwood Floors: Hardwood floors are a must to obtain flow in a space, in a large or small area. Always run the flooring along the longer direction & give a feeling of an elongated room.
  7.  Ceiling Beams: Ceiling beams can be added to any ceiling and come in a wide variety of styles, from rustic worm-holed wooden beams to sleek and modern metal designs. Ceiling beams are also great places to install recessed lighting fixtures or hide wiring from a home theater system.
  8.  Lighting Coves: Lighting coves are a great way to indirectly create a warm space. With this detail you have the choice to shine up if the ceiling is vaulted, or down if there's a painting or other feature on a wall you'd like to highlight.
  9.  Door and Window Trim: The great thing with this detail is that it doesn't have to be removed to be changed! You can get a completely different look with very little work. If you decide to leave it on, add to it with more molding to create a handcrafted look.
  10.  Contrast: Contrast is without doubt the central to accenting all architecture. For example, if you choose dark floors then go with a light wall color. If you have light-colored kickboards in the kitchen, then match those with a dark countertop and soft blond cabinets. These are all great ways to achieve light and shade, which in turn creates depth. 

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